An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims to identify the level of knowledge outcome in the exercise physiology and physical fitness of basketball coaches for the excellent clubs and the coaches of professional football clubs in Jordan, as well as to spot the difference of the cognitive outcome among coaches with some variables. The study sample consisted of (30) managers within the high level of the Premier Leagues for basketball and (47) for football coaches, were chosen randomly. The researchers used the descriptive method and the cognitive outcome as a tool to combine different studies. The study concluded that the cognitive outcome of both coaches of the two games in the physiology of exercise, were at the very weak level, and in the field of physical fitness they were at the weak level. The researchers recommended that the training courses, should focus on the two fields of physiology, exercise physiology and physical fitness should be given greater concern, and importance during these courses and seminars, as well as the necessity of educating the trainers of the importance of being informed of all that is new and modern in the field of sciences related to modern sports training, the most important of which is the physiological aspects and physical fitness and that it be among the preparation plans.