An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research reviews the history of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company in Iran since Darcy obtained the oil concession in 1903 and then the establishment of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, which controlled the extraction and sale of oil in Iran until 1950, the year that witnessed the rise of the national trend in Iran Led by Mohamed Mosadegh, he entered into a conflict with Britain after he nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, which London saw as a dangerous development, which prompted it to present the issue to the Security Council. Oil nationalization, and with the failure of all political attempts to dissuade Mosadegh from his decision, both London and Washington resorted to supporting the Iranian opposition and the dismissal of the Iranian prime minister on August 19, 1953, and the approval of the new prime minister on the decision to cancel the nationalization of oil in 1954. Here the researcher followed the descriptive analytical method. He also relied on a number of US State Department documents and British documents in this study, as well as documents of the United Nations and the World Bank.