An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)




The aim of this study is to determine the destination image of Al karak and Ajloun castles according to visitors’ reviews on TraipAdvisor and to compare between them. The study used the qualitative approach to reveal the opinions of tourists on their visit to Al karak castle and Ajloun castle, using the content analysis method by analyzing visitor comments that were written on TripAdvisor, which allows visitors to express their tourism experience by writing comments and presenting it to million users of this site. The data was analyzed through the MAXQDA software, which allows us to import, analyze and encode texts. The study used the dimensions of the tourist destination image to measure satisfaction: perception, feelings and behaviour. The study revealed that the level of recognition that Al karak castle is positive and exciting with a great view from the top. In Ajloun castle, the comments describe the magnificence of the view from the high areas constituted the highest proportion. The results also indicated that the castle of Al karak needs a tour guide as a result of lack of information and indicative signs unlike the castle of Ajloun. Furthermore, the castle of Al Karak needs lighting, maintenance and restoration, while the castle of Ajlon was better positioned in these aspects. With regard to the sentiment of tourists, the study found that comments indicating the enjoyment of the historical and civilized feeling were slight in favour of Ajloun castle, and comments referring to the enjoyment and good time. With regard to the behavioural dimension, it was found that a high percentage of tourists had recommended a re-visit to both castles.