An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)




This study aimed to introduce the Quranic recitations and Imam Al-Kisa’i, and shows the effect of the recitation of Imam Al-Kisa’i on family-related rulings. The study followed the inductive approach, which consists in extrapolating the verses related to the family rulings, then explaining the recitation of Imam Al-Kisa’i, then applying the comparative approach by contrasting the recitation of Al-Kisa’i with other reciters, then the analytical approach by analyzing the reasons for the different recitations and their impact on the jurisprudential rulings related to the family. The study concluded that there are applied jurisprudential models impacted by the recitation of Al-Kisa’i resulting in differences amongst scholars, such as determining who has the right to divorce namely the husband or the judge, the ruling on the mandate of the decision in the home for the woman.