An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)




The study aimed to identify the effectiveness of using QR code technology in developing digital game programming skills in the programming topic for the fifth grade as well as to identify their motivation towards digital transformation. To achieve this aim, the researchers used the quasi-experimental approach. The study sample consisted of (30) fifth grade students from Bahrain Primary School for the scholastic year 2021/2020, and the study sample was treated as one experimental group that learned by using the QR code technology. To achieve the study objectives a cognitive test to measure digital game programming skills and a motivation scale towards digital transformation. The validity and reliability of the tools were confirmed. The results showed that the QR code technology was effective in developing digital game programming skills, that it increased the level of motivation towards digital transformation among fifth-grade students. The most important recommendations of the study are paying attention to employing modern technologies in education, and working to stimulate students' motivation towards digital transformation.