An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)




Aim: To examine the visual perception of sports coaches for some kinematic variables of the gymnastic vaulting table. Methods: The researcher used the descriptive method in this study. and used Ten Sports Coaches of gymnastic as subjects of this study from the physical education faculty at Yarmouk University. Study tools: The researcher prepared a special questionnaire, including 38 items related to kinematic variables and some random mistakes for the Vaulting Table skill phases. The coaches watched players' performance, then after every player's vault attempt, the questionnaire was distributed directly to sports coaches. The researcher placed three sunny digital video cameras in different locations perpendicular to the vault table apparatus, ten undergraduate male gymnastic players from Yarmouk University - physical education department was recorded while they performed vault skills. The researcher analyzed the videotaped of the vaults of gymnastic players, then the researcher compared the videotape with the responses of Sport Coaches on questionnaires to identify the ability of sports coaches' visual perception. To analyze the player's vault videotape, the researcher used a computer program called (Super decoder) for Vaulting Tables kills analysis. The researcher computed statistics in SPSS statistic software, like percentages and repetitions. Results: Study results were: "the weakest percentage in visual perception ability was in the pre- and post-flight phases. The strongest percentage in visual perception ability was in the approach phase. Watching kinematic variables of sports skills is not enough to distinguish skills, especially fast ones. Feedback by watching the performance does not improve the skill level in fast movements". Recommendations: The researcher of this study recommends coaches focus on recruiting more senses and different coaching aids in increasing coaching visual perception ability and proper understanding of movement and thus motor learning. Coaches should familiarize themselves with different coaching and training sources related to their sport, and learn how to recruit them in different training situations.