An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)




The series of Israeli violations of human rights began with the start of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories and continues until now. The occupying authorities have committed numerous violations and racist policies against the Palestinian people, which constitute a clear and explicit violation of international law. One of the most significant policies is the policy of administrative detention, systematically and continuously practiced by the occupying authorities against the Palestinian people. As every individual has the right to freedom and protection against arbitrary arrest, the policy of administrative detention deviates from the general norm. Therefore, it has been subjected to various restrictions and safeguards for detainees imposed by law. This study aims to analyze the legal violations committed by the occupying authorities in implementing the policy of administrative detention. It does so by reviewing the laws and international agreements governing this subject to determine its legal framework and assess the extent to which international law can provide protection for administrative detainees. Furthermore, the study examines the legal responsibility of the Israeli occupation resulting from its violation of the guarantees granted to detainees, with a focus on the role of the Israeli Supreme Court in solidifying this practice.