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The study aimed to know the most prominent values in the drama of Islamic history, which the Conquest of Al-Andalus series focused on. It is a descriptive study in which the survey method was used to analyze the content of a deliberate sample of 33 episodes of the Conquest of Andalus series. The results of the study concluded that the three basic frameworks that the Conquest of Andalus series focused on, and made them more prominent, and repetitive in content are; The frameworks of military values in Islam, the frameworks of the values of advocacy and jihad, and the frameworks of the human values of Islam. The results indicated that the five most prominent Islamic values on which the Fatah Al-Andalus series focused are; The value of justice and fairness, the value of achieving victory, the value of advocacy, the value of steadfastness and patience, the value of fulfilling the covenant, that the drama of Islamic history had a positive role in promoting Islamic values in society.

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