An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)




Sufi plays an important role in Indonesia's early Islamization. Tariqa is a part of the Sufi tradition which strengthens the distinct identity of Indonesian Islam as it continues to evolve. This article is based on qualitative methods employing observation and interview techniques to gather data. Tariqa is part of the Sufi tradition which consists of several Muslims who are committed to increasing their spirituality. Tariqa goal is to get closer to God. The Suluk is the tarekat's special ritual which is done monthly in the first ten days. This article argues that the ritual activity of Suluk in Tariqa is a religious activity that has a double function, namely increasing spirituality as well as social relations in Muslim society. This article finds that Suluk's goal is not only to achieve the desired level of spirituality but also to increase social solidarity. In the suluk ritual tradition, the humanist nature that blends in with spirituality reflects that this tariqa encourages spirituality that does not threaten human relations. Suluk encourages tariqa members to engage in socially responsible behavior. The spirit of togetherness is cultivated in such a way that Muslims are produced who not only pursue personal spirituality but also improve social relations among Tariqa members.