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The study aims to identify the determinants of digital violence practiced using social media after a breakdown in social relations. It also reveals the factors, types, and effects of this violence by conducting a field study on Ajloun University College students during the second semester of the academic year (2022-2023). Since the study is a quantitative study, it relied on the descriptive approach, using the social survey method, and the availability sampling method. The study used the questionnaire as a data collection tool to collect that data from a sample consisted of (381) male and female students. The results showed that the level of the factors causing electronic violence was high with a mean of (3.831), types of digital violence was at a low level with a mean of (2.105), and the effects of digital violence was at a high level with a mean of (3.715). The results also showed that there are statistically significant differences towards the factors leading to digital violence in favor of the variables "sex" and "the number of hours of use of social media sites." The study also provided a number of recommendations.

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