Effat Undergraduate Research Journal


This research explores the prevalence of the desire of dependence on men among Saudi women in Jeddah and its relationship to the justification of sexism. A number of Saudi women living in Jeddah (N=179) responded to the Desire of Dependence on Men Scale, which was developed for this study. To measure the degree of justification of sexism, the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory (Glick & Fiske, 1996) was also distributed to respondents online. Showing a desire of dependency on men among Saudi women was expected, in addition to finding a significant relationship between the two suggested variables. In this study, respondents showed no significant score of desire of dependence on men, however, women in the age group of 45 -54 showed a significant score a b o v e t h e m e a n . A significant correlation between the desire of dependency on men and a benevolent justification of sexism was also found. The sample has also shown a significant score in benevolent sexism and an average score in hostile sexism.