Effat Undergraduate Research Journal


Coping strategies sufficiently impact the psychological well-being. Stress may cause depression in many cases. The presence of depression negatively affects physical and cognitive well-being, as participants who demonstrated higher levels of depression were found to be more likely to show physical decline. Women around the world and especially in Saudi Arabia are asked to face challenges to cope with their daily stress of professional life. Much research has been done on the relationship between coping strategies, personality traits, and work stress. But not much research has been done to investigate the relationship between work stress in women and their coping strategies. The aim of this research is to investigate the relationships between stress and various coping strategies of Saudi working women. This study was done by the quantitative method, with participants being given the Coping Orientation Problem Experienced Inventory and Perceived Stress Scale. The results of these questionnaires were analyzed through the statistical analysis. program SSPS. Main findings showed a positive correlation between stress and self-distraction, denial, humor, and self-blame. A negative correlation was found between stress and active coping, emotional support, and acceptance. Furthermore, the findings show that stress correlates positively with emotional coping strategies and negatively with problem-focused strategies.



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