Effat Undergraduate Research Journal


One of the main problems facing modern cities is water scarcity. The increasing level of water wastage in the i r r igat ion system is an alarming problem. According to the 2030 vision, a reduction in water wastage is sought. This represents a strong motivation to create a simple device to achieve water efficiency. Home sprinkler water flow systems do not take into consideration the current state of the surroundings, which lead to high wastage of water. In this research paper, a conceptual smart travelling sprinkler composed of a water pump and a motion motor is proposed. The suggested circuit design includes sensors that are capable of detecting soil conditions, such as moisture level and object proximity. The device power is provided by a s o l a r panel that is c o n n e c t ed to the water tank, which incorporates a level indicator. A series of push b u t t o n s and LCDs can be integrated for control purpose. The desired objective is the reduction of water consumption, and this brings us one-step closer to achieving the 2030 vision.



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