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The efficiency of passive ultrasonic activated irrigation on the retrievability of Guttaflow Bioseal ( In Vitro Study )


Background: This study aimed to evaluate the efficiency of passive ultrasonic activated irrigation in the removal of GuttaFlow Bioseal root canal filling material during retreatment.

Materials and subjects: Root canals of thirty single-rooted human mandibular premolar teeth were prepared with ProTaper Universal rotary system and obturated with lateral condensation obturation technique using Gutta Percha and Roeko GuttaFlow Bioseal root canal sealer. All specimens were retreated with ProTaper Universal Retreatment System files then divided to two different groups according to the technique of activation of irrigation. Samples were sectioned, and the residual filling remnants were captured using digital camera attached to microscope. Data was collected by three different interpreters, to eliminate the subjectivity of the process, using the ImageJ Software. The mean value of the data was obtained and evaluated statistically.

Results: The remaining filling materials in the canals irrigated with ultrasonic activation were less than these irrigated with passive side-vented syringe.

Conclusion: The activation of irrigation techniques used were incapable of complete removal of filling material at root canal walls.

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Keywords: GuttaFlow Bioseal, Ultrasonic, Retreatment, Irrigation activation.