Future Dental Journal



Purpose: the aim of this clinical trial is to investigate maxillary first molar rotation during maxillary canine retraction at 6 weeks re-activation intervals with elastic power chain in first premolar extraction cases. Material and methods: a total of 20 quadrants of 10 orthodontic patients requiring maxillary canine retraction after extraction of upper 1st premolars were recruited. Mini-screws (TADs) were used directly for maximum anchorage. Canines were retracted on 0.016×0.022-inch stainless steel arch wire using elastic power chain extending from a power arm on canine bracket to the miniscrew. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) was used to measure the upper first molar rotation. Results: The mean difference of the first molar rotation between pre-retraction and post-retraction measurements was 0.6250o ± 0.6o which was statistically insignificant. Conclusion: There is no significant difference between pre-retraction and post-retraction upper first molar rotation re-activated every 6 weeks using power chain.