Future Dental Journal


Increased consumption of acidic soft drinks is becoming an important factor in the development of erosive wear. The potential of dairy drinks to protect enamel against dental erosion has been recorded. Recently, the demand for plant based milk beverages has been gaining popularity and used as an alternative to cow's milk. Aim: reveal and compare the possible effects of bovine and three types of plant-based milk on enamel erosion caused by Coca-Cola®. Material and method: 42 extracted premolars were distributed over three groups: Control negative group where teeth were not subjected to any treatment, Control positive group where teeth were subjected to Coca-Cola® and Experimental group where teeth were divided into four subgroups and subjected to Coca-Cola® then soaked in certain type of milk (bovine, soy, almond or oat milk). All groups were prepared for SEM analysis and EDAX. Results: Coca-Cola® beverage significantly altered enamel superficial surface structure causing irregular surface, erosive lesions and cracks. Bovine and plant based milk has a reparative effect on eroded cervical buccal enamel. Conclusion: Almond milk showed better results than other types of milk used concerning Ca and P levels as well as surface morphological alternations. Soy milk showed the least enamel remineralizing effect.