Future Dental Journal


Aim: is to histopathologically evaluate dental pulp response to eggshell powder as a direct pulp capping material and compare it to Calcium Hydroxide as regard to inflammation, calcific bridge formation and fibrosis. Material and methods: 30-New Zealand rabbits were selected in this study and divided into 3 groups according to the time of sacrifice after pulp capping procedure (1, 2 and 4weeks). The two lower central incisors were used, where the pulp was exposed and capped directly by one of the two materials used in this study; Calcium Hydroxide (Dycal) or eggshell powder. The cavities were then sealed by glass ionomer cement (Fuji IX). Animals were sacrificed at each time interval and teeth were collected for histopathological evaluation. Results: Eggshell group showed significantly less inflammation, less fibrosis and thicker calcific bridge formation than Calcium hydroxide group. When the effect of time was considered, inflammation significantly decreased from 1 to 4 weeks while calcific bridge significantly increased for both materials. Also fibrosis increased significantly from 1week to 4 weeks. Conclusions: Eggshell powder should be considered as a direct pulp capping material as it led to a better calcific bridge formation than calcium hydroxide with less inflammation and fibrosis.