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open sinus lift is used to augment the maxillary sinus prior to implant Placement in patients with sinus pneumatization due to early extraction of upper molars Where the remaining available bone length is from zero to 6mm which will not accommodate for implant placement and not sufficient for implant initial stability so we will need to do Sinus lift and augmentation of the sinus with various bone grafts either (alloplast, allograft, Autogenous). Search is conducted electronically on line in pub med & Cochrane and manual Search was also done from 2007 to 2018 the articles included assisting &evaluating various types of bone substitute used in open sinus lift surgeries.197 papers are identified through data base searching 37 Additional records identified through manual search, after duplication removal the remaining papers are 187,187 paper were reviewed&152 were excluded by title &abstract, 35 article were reviewed as full text, 27 articles were excluded by reason, 8 articles were included in this study, Eight included articles have revealed new bone formation with percentage ranges from 48%as the highest percentage&16.4 as the lowest percentage, residual material ranges from 6.3%to 34.8% which differs according to type of bone graft used, histological evaluation is performed in 7 articles in addition to radiological evaluation only one article used radiographic evaluation only This systematic review supported the fact that bone substitute act as a scaffold for new bone formation with different percentages according to type of bone substitute used.