Future Dental Journal


Objective: This study was conducted to compare the effect of green tea and two Mulbery leaf extracts on microtensile bond strength immediately and after thermocycling. Material and methods: 42 freshly extracted molars were utilized in this study. Occlusal enamel was removed to expose mid coronal dentin and they were randomly divided into seven groups: G 1: Green tea water extract; G 2: Green tea alcohol extract; G 3: Morus nigra water extract; G 4: Morus nigra alcohol extract; G5: Morus alba water extract; G 6: Morus alba alcohol extract and Group 7: no pretreatment (control). Adhesive system was applied in etch and rinse mode, and resin composite were built. The blocks were sectioned and they were either tested for microtensile bond strength immediately or after thermocycling. Data were tabulated and statistically analyzed using parametric test. Results: There was a statistically significant difference between tested groups in immediate micro-tensile strength values and after thermocycling. After thermocycling the micro-tensile bond values were decreased regardless of the treatment applied to dentin. Conclusion: Green tea water extract and Morus species alcohol extracts has no adverse effect on micro-tensile strength. The application of natural extracts does not prevent loss of micro-tensile bond strength with thermocycling.