Future Dental Journal


Objectives: Evaluation of dentin micro-hardness, dentinal erosion and antibacterial efficiency against E.faecalis after irrigation with sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) followed by grape seed extract (GSE)solution versus irrigation with NaOCl followed by EDTA.

Materials and Methods: Regarding dentin micro-hardness test; 16 teeth were divided into 2 groups; intervention (5.25%NaOCl+13%GSE) and comparator (5.25%NaOCl+17%EDTA) groups. Each tooth was decoronated and sectioned vertically. Dentin microhardness was evaluated before and after irrigation at the coronal, middle and apical thirds. Representative specimens from the micro-hardness test were used for dentin surface examination using scanning electron microscope (SEM). For the evaluation of the antibacterial efficiency, 18 teeth were decoronated and inoculated with E. faecalis. Microbial analysis for the specimens was performed before and after chemicomechanical preparation to obtain the pre-and post-treatment number of colony forming unit (CFU). The data obtained from each test were statistically analyzed.

Results: Results revealed that comparator irrigation protocol caused significantly higher percentage reduction (34.75 %) compared to the intervention irrigation protocol (17.48 %, p= 0.021). SEM of dentin in the intervention group showed no or mild erosion. While the comparator group showed moderate to severe dentinal erosion. For antibacterial efficiency test there was significant difference (p=0.008) in bacterial CFU/mL before (3167.78 ±959.83 CFU/mL) and after (21.11±13.64 CFU/mL) irrigation in the intervention group. Moreover, in the comparator group there was significant difference (p=0.008) in bacterial CFU/mL before (2684±806.63 CFU/mL) and after (22.22±12.02 CFU/mL) irrigation.

Conclusions: Based on the limits of the present study, it could be concluded that using GSE following NaOCl irrigation protocol caused less adverse effects regarding; dentin micro-hardness and dentinal erosion compared to using EDTA following NaOCl. Using NaOCl followed by GSE irrigation protocol has a comparable effect to NaOCl followed by EDTA regarding the antibacterial activity. GSE represents a natural alternative irrigant to EDTA.