Future Dental Journal


Objectives: Comparing the retention of upper complete denture manufactured using two different denture base materials, both of them were manufactured using rapid prototyping method.

Methods: Nineteen patients were selected. For both groups, the dentures were manufactured using Rapid prototyping method following the next steps, a preliminary impression was made & trial denture bases were constructed on the primary casts for the upper & lower arches for a jaw relation record. A facebow record was used to mount the upper cast, while the lower cast was mounted using a centric relation record. Setting of artificial teeth was performed, then the denture was tried in patient`s mouth. Functional impression was taken during the try in stage. CBCT scanning of the try in with the functional impression was done to obtain STL file then denture manufacturing was done by 3D printing.

Results: results showed that there is no significant difference between the two groups.

Conclusion: Complete denture retention is not significantly affected by the material used for denture construction.

Clinical significance: This in-vivo cross over study introduces a novel approach for digital construction of upper complete denture using recent materials and gives an idea about their retentive values.