Future Dental Journal



This study tested the effect of different etching methods on the bond strength of a universal adhesive system to caries-affected (CAD)and sound dentin. Methods: forty premolars were wet grinded to expose flat occlusal midcoronal dentin. Specimens were equally divided according to the substrate; sound and (CAD) by exposing to pH-cycling for 14 days. Each dentin substrate was bonded with Single BondTM universal adhesive applied either after no etching or etching of dentin, then resin composite was built up. Specimens were tested for shear bond strength (SBS). The data was analyzed by two-ways ANOVA. Results: Single BondTM universal bonded to sound dentin had statistically significant higher SBS mean values compared to CAD. Single BondTM applied after separate etching step of dentin showed a statistically higher SBS compared to self-etching method when bonded to sound dentin. Conclusion: Single BondTM applied after dentin separate etching step improved only bonding to sound dentin. CAD had a negative influence on the SBS of the tested universal adhesive.