Future Dental Journal


Aim: To compare the radicular dentin thickness before and after instrumentation by manual stainless-steel (K-files) versus rotary files (AF™ Baby File) at coronal, middle, and apical thirds using Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT).

Materials and Methods: Forty roots of extracted mandibular primary molars were collected, and randomly and equally divided into 2 groups. Manual Group was prepared by K-files, and Rotary Group was prepared by rotary AF™ Baby File system. Samples were decapitated and stabilized in epoxy resin blocks. Samples were subjected to CBCT scan before and after instrumentation for radicular dentin thickness evaluation at 3 measuring points; apical, middle, and coronal. Results: An average amount of dentin removed was found to be significantly higher in Manual Group compared to Rotary Group in the 3 measuring points (PConclusion:Rotary files can be considered more preferable than manual files in terms of preservation of radicular dentin thickness after root canal instrumentation, therefore rotary files can be a suitable substitute for conventional SS manual files.