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Purpose: Different surgical protocols have been introduced for eminence augmentation for treatment of recurrent temporomandibular joint dislocation, The aim of this study is to assess maximal incisal opening (MIO) using inlay (sandwich osteotomy) autogenous block augmentation harvested from patient’s symphesis for more stable condylar movements . Methods: five patients were treated in this study (10 joints) with bilateral autogenous inlay block bone grafting technique, each autogenous cortico-cancellous bone block was harvested from chin and wedged at the created defect of the eminence through a green stick fracture to increase its height . Results: The follow up period ranged from six months to two years to access the maximal incisal opening (MIO). the mean preoperative maximal incisal opening was 45.8mm and that of the postoperative was 32.3 mm . One patient reported postoperative slight unilateral edema and pain that gradually diminishes after one month postoperative.another patient showed intraoperative condylar dislocation that was treated with masseter scarification. Conclusion: autogenous block interpositional eminoplasty technique is a reliable procedure for management of antero-medial recurrent condylar dislocation.



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