Future Dental Journal





Aim: This case report aims to demonstrate among health providers the importance of timely surgical and prosthetic management procedures of patients who suffered from the newly combined clinical entity of post COVID 19 mucormycosis and osteomyelitis of the palate. Materials and methods: Elaborate advanced diagnosis of the patients including CBCT, MRI, CT, Pathology examination, 3Ds printing reconstruction of the whole skull and digital design of reconstructive mesh that support the prosthesis were carried out. The patients undergone modified infrastructure maxillectomy and immediate prosthetic obturation of the palatal defect that was replaced later by a delayed obturator. Results: Surgical eradication of the necrotic bone and subsequent immediate obturation of the defect minimized morbidly and helped in improving the quality of life of these patients. Conclusion: Early diagnosis of this potentially fatal disease and reach-out a treatment plan immediately, is of prime importance in reducing the morbidly and mortality rate and enhance speech and eating in the two patients reported. It also decreases the psychological impact of this radical surgery.