Future Dental Journal




Aim: This novel technique, has adopted digital technology to fabricate a customized precision attachment for a patient who has lost his attachment which anchor his implant retained auricular prosthesis. A scanner was used to acquire the ball abutment’ geometry of craniofacial implant in the mastoid area. CAD/CAM technology and special software was used to fabricate a customized small PEEK precision attachment that was no longer available in the market. This attachment was picked-up by an auricular prosthesis. The retention qualities of the auricular prosthesis with this attachment was satisfactory for both the patient and the dentist. This novel approach will add to clinicians a technological tool that allow fabrication of custom-made attachment with high retention qualities that is suitable for restorative situations that require fabrication of customized small attachment and yet provide high retention. Conclusion: This study used CAD-CAM technology for fabrication of a small custom-made PEEK attachment that retain an implant-retained auricular prostheses. The retentive and esthetic outcome was satisfactory to the patient and dentist. It could be indicated in many restorative situations.

Keywords: CAD-CAM PEEK attachment, implant-anchored auricular prosthesis.