International Arab Journal of Dentistry


The aim of this study was to compare direct surgical measurements to data extracted from periapical radiographs and CBCT by means of software (coPeriodontix™ and Blue Sky Plan®) in order to assess the accuracy delivered by these 2 software. Ten patients were included in the study, and the number of teeth selected for measurements ranged from one to 10 per patient. All CBCT scans and X-rays were acquired within a maximum period of 1 month prior to surgery. Clinical linear measurements were performed at 6 sites for each tooth. Furcation defects were recorded according to the Hamp classification.Differences between data acquired from these 3 modalities were analyzed. Linear measurements showed statistically significant difference, where CBCT showed the least bone loss, periapical radiographs showed more bone loss, while direct surgical measurements showed the most bone loss. The Blue Sky Plan® that measured the furcation involvement accurately depicted the true furcation defect.