International Arab Journal of Dentistry


Abstract Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the vertical displacement of soft tissue during different impression procedures using various spacing of the custom tray, and to determine which impression technique would allow the minimal movement. Material and Methods: 21 partially edentulous subjects were selected and enrolled in the study. Each one of them was subjected to four different impression procedures: three alginate impressions with different spacing of the custom tray and one composed with different impression materials, then casts were constructed. Light-curing acrylic occlusal platform was constructed on the primary model and perforated in 10 different points. The plate was positioned on each of the 4 plaster models, then in the mouth; and the distance between the plate and the top of the crest was measured. Each measurement was repeated three times and the mean was recorded. Repeated measures analyses of variance followed by Bonferroni multiple comparisons were conducted to explore the difference among the groups. The alpha error was set at 0.05. Results: The mean measurement of the distance between the plate and the top of the crest was significantly different among groups (-p-value