International Arab Journal of Dentistry


Objective: the assessment of distal cantilever length in implant supported infrastructure by comparing the load to fracture in two different framework esthetic materials (Zirconia and Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)) with two different cantilevers loading distances (10mm, 15mm). Material and methods: 20 frameworks were fabricated and divided into 4 groups (n=5): according to the material type Peek, zirconia, and according to the cantilever loading distance (10), or (15) mm and a load-to-fracture test was used until complete fracture of specimens occurs. Results: The effect of material type and cantilever loading distance were statistically significant for the mean load-to-fracture values (P< 0.05). The Zirconia group failed at higher fracture loads (817 N) than the Peek one (651 N). Frameworks with 10 mm cantilever loading distance failed at higher fracture loads than specimens with 15 mm. Conclusion: Peek is a suitable material for all-on-four framework reconstruction in specific situations, and there is a higher success rate when the distal cantilever length is kept at minimal value (10mm).