International Arab Journal of Dentistry


The creation of the relevant technology must be driven by educational demands. Even so, the human factor must always be taken into consideration. Exciting new technology and potent cures will continue to be produced by scientific research. The capacity of a digital computer, computer-controlled robot to carry out actions closely identified with intelligent beings is known as artificial intelligence (AI). The evolution of AI has been clearly accelerating over the past ten years, and dentistry has not been an exception. Dental AI is important for diagnosing patients, storing patient data, and evaluating genetic information to improve patient treatment. This applies particularly to oral medicine and radiography. A good understanding of technology adaption will not only contribute to better and more accurate patient care but will also lighten the workload of the physician. The need for sophisticated software to compute this data has arisen due to the massive growth in documented information as well as patient data. A new age in dentistry has emerged as a result of the convergence of artificial intelligence and digitization, and the field's prospects for the future look quite bright.