International Arab Journal of Dentistry


Aim: The present study aimed to investigate the correlation between dental caries and its consequences in terms of pulp involvement, ulceration, fistula, abscess utilizing (PUFA/pufa) indices and specific Body Mass Index (BMI) with reference to age in a group of Egyptian Children

Subjects and Methods: A total of 201 children (101 female and 100 male) from Pediatric Dentistry Department in Cairo University having PUFA/pufa ≥1 were included. According to the standard procedure, the PUFA/pufa index was utilized to evaluate the effect of untreated dental decay. Using standardized scales, the children weight and height were calculated. The BMI percentile was computed using Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) growth charts.

Result: The correlation between PUFA/pufa and body mass index (BMI) showed no significance correlation (P = 0.740). The correlation between PUFA/pufa scores and BMI in reference to gender also showed no significance correlation. However, the correlation between pufa and BMI percentile group showed positive correlation (P=0.405).

Conclusion: The result show High prevalence of untreated dental caries between children. The younger children have positive correlation between pufa scores and BMI as compared with older children.