International Arab Journal of Dentistry


objective: This study aims to assess the impact of bioceramic and resin based sealers on postendodontic pain after endodontic treatment performed in single visit. Materials and Methods: In this study, forty patients in need of endodontic therapy were chosen. single visit endodontic treatment was done for the patients but obturated using two different types of sealers: in Group 1: AH Plus sealer was used and in Group 2: EndoSequence BC sealer Hiflow was used. Post endodontic pain was measured for 12,24,48 and 72 hours postoperatively. Results: Both sealer groups' post-endodontic pain levels did not significantly differ from one another.

Conclusion: Both AH Plus and Endosequence BC sealer Hiflow perform similarly in terms of the incidence and severity of postoperative pain in teeth with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis (SIP). Endodontics performed in a single visit can utilise any type of both sealers without worrying about pain following obturation.