International Arab Journal of Dentistry




The number of patients seeking treatment to improve their facial attractiveness is increasing. Nowadays orthodontic patients are requiring solutions to problems such as a minor gummy smile, a protruded lip, a posterior rotated mandible or even an open naso-labial angle. These problems are rarely all combined in one case, as biprotrusive lips are opposed to an open naso-labial angle, and solving one problem could aggravate the other. In this case report we describe the treatment of a hyperdivergent pattern patient resulting in a posterior positioning of the mandible with lack of chin. The patient had also a dental biprotrusion creating protruded lips combined to an open naso-labial angle and a minor gummy smile. The treatment consisted in correcting the protruded lips with concern not to widen the naso-labial angle. The vertical control for the anterior chin rotation and the gummy smile correction were done using miniscrews.