International Arab Journal of Dentistry


Adhesive bonding techniques and modern all-ceramic systems offer a wide range of highly esthetic treatment options. The inherent brittleness of some ceramic materials and certain clinical situations require resin bonding of the restoration to the tooth for long-term clinical success. A surface pretreatment of the ceramic and the tooth is necessary to obtain a good adhesion. The clinician faces many problems when luting restorations such as the choice of the appropriate agent depending on the restoration material, the technique sensitivity and the necessity of applying different luting materials. To overcome some of the disadvantages of the conventional and resin cements, self-adhesive cements were introduced to the market. They do not require any pretreatment of the tooth surface and their application is accomplished in a single clinical step.A wide literature review was conducted, through a MEDLINE search. Articles that treat self-adhesives properties were selected. According to in vitro studies, self-adhesive cement adhesion to dentin and to all-ceramic materials is satisfactory and comparable to other multistep resin cements. Randomized clinical trials and long-term in vitro studies are necessary prior to any recommendation regarding their use.