Jadara Journal For Research and Studies

Jadara Journal For Research and Studies

About This Journal

Chief's Welcome:


A welcome message from editor-in-chief

As the editor-in-chief of Jadara Journal for Studies and Research, I am genuinely honored to work in the service of scientific research. This is a peer-reviewed academic journal governed by the local and international quality standards. Our reviewers are scholars who are distinguished by their research capacities and accurate knowledge in their research areas of interest at various levels.

Jadara Journal for Studies and Research is being rejuvenated with global visions and a revival plan.

It is supervised by a dedicated local Editorial Board and an International Advisory Board that have specialized academics in different fields of knowledge.

I take this opportunity to invite researchers from all over the world to submit their high-quality research to this journal in order to contribute to achieving the scopes of scientific research in the service of mankind and humanity.

All of this comes according to a strategic plan based on a vision, mission and values with clear goals and contents in accordance with the international standards and principles followed. We intend to publish special issues in addition to increasing the frequency of publication hoping that will benefit researchers.

We look forward to promoting the journal in several respects, the most important of which is its indexing in international databases, such as EBSCO, Scopus, and Clarivate Analytics, among others. Furthermore, we aim to recruit a group of well-known scholars in various research fields to supplement the journal with distinctive research.

We also seek to publish distinguished research conducted by our postgraduate students in order to encourage them and serve the journal. This will definitely enhance the chances of promoting the journal globally.

The journal will be a qualitative addition to the research library and a major tributary of solid scientific research. We look forward to seeing further development and improvement in various areas of the journal, such as the quality of research, indexing, globalization, production, etc.

Thanks from the heart to the researchers who contribute to the issues of the journal with high quality research papers that will inevitably advance the journal globally.


Editor-in-Chief and University President:

Professor Dr. Mohammed Taleb Obaidat

Indexed in EBSCO, Google Scholar and معامل التأثير العربي.