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Jadara Journal For Research and Studies


this study aimed at identifying the problems
of teaching syntax in Arabic Language Departments

from the perspective of both teachers and students at

Jordanian universities. The study sample consisted

of )101( students who were randomly selected from
students who were studying Arabic language at Yarmouk

University and Jadara University in the third and fourth

years and )16( faculty members teaching courses at
Yarmouk University and Jadara University. To achieve

the objectives of the study, the researchers used a

five-level Likert scale questionnaire: very large,

large, medium, small, very small. It tackled six aspects:

goals, books, references, faculty members, and students,

teaching methods, exams and evaluation. The results

showed that the aspect related to student problems

ranked the highest among all other aspects, followed by

the aspects of teaching methods; exams and evaluation;

books; references and faculty members. The researchers

came up with several recommendations concerning the

importance of educating students with the objectives of

teaching syntax, paying attention to compiling books on

syntax and producing them in a suitable way in terms of

content and form; the need to pay attention to choosing

professors of Arabic, rehabilitating them and urging

them to use appropriate teaching strategies as well as

employing modern technology in teaching syntax, as well

as the need to focus on the development of assessment

strategies, and emphasizing the importance of the proper

use of the Arabic language, whether by students or faculty


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