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Jadara Journal For Research and Studies


Education in Jerash from the viewpoints of the principals

The population consisted of all school principals in
Jerash )n=168(. The sample consisted of )106( individuals
of the aforementioned school principals )63%(. In order
to achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers

prepared a questionnaire that consisted of 52 queries in

six different fields. The study arrived at the following

The study revealed that the degree of school principals
needs was high in the six domains; which refer to the need

to practice these skills and that. Therefore the principals

cannot perform their tasks as required. The required

training is arranged according to the domains as follows:

student affairs, the school relation with the external

environment, development of administrative work,

development of curricula, development of technical and

professional work and employing educational techniques.
The study indicated statistically significant differences
of the means of years of experience in favor of )less than
5 years of experience(.
The study indicated statistically significant differences
at )ἁ=0.05( of the means of education in favor of BA
holders: F=5.680 with a value of )0.019( which is less
than )ἁ=0.05(.
The study concluded with some recommendations
that emphasized the need for some training programs for

school principals and the need for adopting continuous

training programs for them. It also recommended that

similar studies be conducted in other Directorates of

Education in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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