Jordan Journal of Islamic Studies

Jordan Journal of Islamic Studies


This research deals with the concept of the intention, its importance, its conditions and its sections, with a great emphasis on the importance of intention as the workers are associated with their structures in all circumstances.

As he dealt with the effects of educational and behavioral intent, this intention was good or bad.

He also addressed the judgment on the intentions of others and the seriousness of its impact on the society, and has drawn attention to some of the talk of the weak and established in the intention, to alert them and warn them, lest they be tempted by those who hear or read.

Among the findings of this research:

- A wise Muslim should always inspect his intention and pay attention to it, because it is acceptable to accept the business, and its corruption will be its humbleness and invalidity.

- A Muslim may be reward for his intention and if the work does not work for an excuse between him and his actions.

And those permissible things may become slaves with good intentions.