Jordan Journal of Islamic Studies

Jordan Journal of Islamic Studies


This research deals with one of the most complicated issues in the history and evolution of Islamic sciences which is the issue of “the term industry” in these sciences.

I have tried to get to know the two sides of this topic through two basic chapters:

The first chapter is devoted to definition of the terms of “the term” and its significance in the Islamic sciences. Accordingly, I have defined the concept of “the term” according to some statements of scholars in this field, and it showed that some types of terminology can be classified accordingly. I also explained the most important conditions and standards that must be taken into consideration in terminology process with reference to the tributaries of the terminology in the Islamic sciences, namely: the Arabic tongue, the Koran and the Sunnah.

However, the second chapter is devoted to deal with the manufacture of “the term” and the problem of conceptual multiplicity of terms in the Islamic sciences. In this chapter, I explained the importance of “the term” and its industry in Islamic sciences and the

problematic posed by the multiplicity of conceptual significance of the terms in these

sciences; be it just one scientific art or many.

Finally, the research is concluded by the most important conclusions and recommendations reached through this study of the topic.