مجلة جامعة الإمارات للبحوث القانونية UAEU LAW JOURNAL


The Justice is the way of human beings to happiness, tranquility and safety, the individuals turn to judicature to exclude the injustice that sometimes may happens to them by the administration, and may go on the case of what is said that access to the ruling and then implementation is the last step in a long dispute between individuals and management before the judiciary, Individuals in the end execute the judgment.

The purpose of the research is to clarify the means that the administration can use to prevent the execution of the judgments issued against it, to identify the reasons that the administration maintains for not implementing the sentences issued against it.

The problem of research is to explain the means or way in which the administrative provisions can be implemented. The problem may be due to the nature of the administrative provisions, especially if they are issued against the administration, as they are the executors of the judgments. In order to reach its application on the implementation of the administrative provisions with the comparative approach in which we are subjected to the implementation of administrative provisions and the means of forcing the administration to implement the Saudi regime and the provisions of Islamic law in this subject. Finally, we conclude with a summary of the findings and recommendations that we have reached. The most important of these is that the administration may resort to some means to disrupt the implementation of the administrative rulings, and there are those who may have a role in executing administrative decisions in Saudi Arabia.



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