مجلة جامعة الإمارات للبحوث القانونية UAEU LAW JOURNAL


The subject of research is commercial cover-up, a phenomenon that has spread not only in the UAE but also in the Gulf societies as a whole.

The research presents this phenomenon in two ways: first, the reasons for its spread and secondly, the effects of commercial cover-up under the anti-trade cover-up law, which is the civil liability.

The researcher tries to clarify whether it is feasible to apply the anti-trade cover-up law No. 17 of 2004.

He concluded that the UAE judiciary is stable in this area and that it finds solutions to all the problems raised by the trade cover up in the common Law and private commercial laws, and that there is no need to apply the law to combat the trade cover up, if not we will harm a large group of well-meaning citizens.

The researcher tries to use the Saudi experience in this area in an attempt to find alternative solutions to the application of anti-trade cover-up law. He ended up with three things:

First, it is useless to apply this law in a society such as the UAE because society is based on a culture of kafala. Second, the country is making significant efforts to combat trade cover-ups and encourage investment in the country through legitimate channels. The third is the need to benefit from the Saudi experience in this area.



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