An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed to investigate whether the applied managerial policies in Palestinian universities affect the employees' attitudes toward their job. To collect the necessary data, the researcher prepared a questionnaire which was valid and constant with coeffieient 97%. To test the study hypothesis, the researcher used the analytical descriptive methodology statistical package for social sciences (SPSS), including arithmetic mediations, standared deviations and ANOVA and the study revealed: 1) There is an effect of the applied policies in palestinian universities in the employees attitudes toward their job from their viewpoint attributed to the variables (Age for who were over 55 years old favor, Nature of job for academic work favor, Experience for the category 5-10 years old favor, Salary for the category 1000-1500-J.D, Scientific qualification for docorate holders favor, Place of work for An-Najah National university favor, and Social status for who were divorced or widow favor) at statistical level (α≤0.05). 2) There is no effect of the applied policies in Palestinian universities of the employees attitudes toward their job from their viewpoint attributed to the variable (Sex) at statistical level (α≤0.05). In the light of study results, the researcher recommends: 1) Provide scholarships for those who hold master degree to achieve philosophy doctorate degree. 2) Improve employees' salaries and their work conditions. 3) Improve job circumstances at Palestinian universities in order to increase their attitudes level toward its policies. 4) Urge for further studies.