An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to identify: the reality of integrating gender in the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs. Also, how extent the Ministry would take gender into account in terms of giving equal opportunities for both Male and Female employees, and their attitudes about women participation in the development process. Furthermore, the relationship between demographic, social and economic variables and their attitude about married and unmarried towards women participation in the development process, and the usage of the descriptive and analytical Methodology. The Survey was applied to all members of society in the ministry with an amount of (127) employees from both gender. The outcome showed a clear distinction benefiting male employees in the top and upper positions, and their representation in committees. Whereas, the opportunities were equal for of taking advantsge of educational scholarships and participation in siminarsticipation, training courses and attending conferences that are held in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordanian, and in achieving rewards. As a result, their attitude towards women's participation in the development process was represented between medium and high with the variation in the nature of making decisions between male and female employees. Furthermore, it showed differences in attitudes between male and female employees In general, and for married employees towards household chores, participating in family decisions and matters relating to the empowerment of women in work for the benefit of female employees.