An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The present study aims to identify the degree of awareness by Palestinian University students towards the political identity taking in to account various dimension. The randomly stratified sample consist of (635) students (239 males and 396 females) who were selected from Hebron university, Bethlehem university, An-Najah National university, Palestine Polytechnic Universityand Beer Zeit university. For the sake of this study, the researcherhasdeveloped a restricted scale thoughwhich researchers have developed a restricted scale through which they calculated the symmetric qualities of political identity (Katalu, 2016). Finally revealed that awareness degree of political Identity was on average. Consequently, results haveshown that the quality of national identity can be ordered, as follows: Self-political identity, self-appliance, political flexibility, ideological attitude and acceptance. There were no clear differences concerning gender, the political party, place of residence and economic level. The study recommends raising the awareness of political identify so asto help the youth face their problems and a void failure that might result from the lack of anawareness of a comprehensivepolitical identity for Palestinian university students.