An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to investigatethe effect of Friday SpeechTranslation to Sign Language(FStSL)among sample of persons with hearing disability,according to variables of: Age, hearing loss level and educational level. A questionnaire was built to achieve study goals, it consisted of two parts,1st:Personal information aboutparticipants,2nd: Questionnaire items, which were 14 itemsthat weredividedtothree dimensions: Effectsof (FStSL) on Friday speech attendance,effects of (FStSL)on knowledge, and: effects of (FStSL) on psychosocial skills. The questionnaire was applied to apurposive sample of 18 persons with hearing disability who attended(FStSL). Descriptive approach wasused in thisstudy. The results indicated that there was high to moderate effects of (FStSL) on persons with hearing disability. The results showed also no statistically significant differencesbetween participant's performancesdue tostudy variables. The study recommended further researcheson the effectiveness of integrating persons with hearing disability in their societies, and to usesignlanguage indifferent situations of life.