An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The objective of current research is to develop a computerized programand to measure its impact in improving phonological awarenessskills among children with dyslexia, the research sample included26 students with dyslexiawho enrolled in source rooms in Tabouk City schools, they aged 9-12years old, they were selected based on directing of the school principals, and based on diagnosis that indicated they have learning disabilities specificallydyslexia, the sample was divided intoequaltwo groups: an experimental group receivedcomputerizedphonologicalprogram, and a control group did not receivedthetraining, Each of two group included 13 students. The research tools included the phonologicalawareness test, and the computerized training programwere prepared by aoutors. The validity of toolswere achieved by contentvalidity (judgevalidity or face validity). TheReliabilityof test tool was achieved by Internal consistency reliability,the tools were developedby.The results of the research have foundan effectiveness of the computerized training programin improving phonological awareness skills for Students with dyslexia, with significant differences between meansof both experimental and control groupsin favorof the experimentalgroup. The authors have recommended the need to evaluateand to develop phonological awareness skillsfor students with dyslexia. Teacher and supervisorworking with those students,have to adoptdesigning and implementingsuch these programsby computer