An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The law in force in Palestine, which is based on the provisions of theMecelle(Journal of Judicial Rules), does not specify in its codes a specific age of majority, which causedlack of legal clarity and judicial contradiction in Palestinian on when a person is eligibletofrom a legal contract, financial transactions, and legal obligations. While most legal scholars have linked the age of majorityto sexual maturity, courts decisions have rather been inconstanton determining the issue, and failed to provideclear explanation or legal justification to when a person reach the legal capacity and the stageof rationality.Thus, this study will show the stages that a person undergoes until he reaches the age of majority, and the legal effects of each stage. It will also prove that, according to the law in force in Palestine, the age of majority and full legalcapacity is when a personreaches the age ofeighteen.