An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study identified the effect of using favorite music on the improvement of the maximum strength (1RM) of the chest and legs (upper body and the lower parts of the body) for students of a training course at the Faculty of Physical Education University of Jordan using equipments and weights.To achieve this, the researcher used Semi-experimental approach with a sample of 42 students divided into two groups; 20 students for an experimental group and 22 students for a control group. The students were chosenin a purposive way to achieve the objectives of the study and answer its questions. The researcher used the favorite music for the experimental sample and did not use for the control sample. To address data statistically, the researcher used percentages, arithmetic averages and standard deviations. The study revealed that there were statistically significant differences in the maximum force and for the experimental group. [What, this is fragment, something is missing here] This was evident by the improvement in the maximum strength of the chest and the lower part muscles of the legs among the experimental group (17.57, 20.57)%respectively. The researcher recommends that the players' favorite music should be used when determining their maximum strength to benefit from their maximum potential and invest this in determining the intensity of their strength training, which reflects positively on the effectiveness of the training process.