An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research paper aims to find the settlement strategy that the Israeli occupation uses to establish, build, and expand its network of settlements over time. This strategy is based on certain motives and uses certain mechanisms and means that were established through a set of plans and projects for the purpose of expropriating Palestinian land and displacing indigenous people. In addition, this strategy includes settling a large number of Israeli settlers on the land expropriated from the Palestinians. All this aims to help Israel achieve its settlement strategy and impose a new de facto situation. The research paper finds that the Israeli settlement policy is based on an already decided plan through which Israel attempts to dominate and control the strategically most important sites in the West Bank to serve its political, economic, and security interests. All this comes at the expense of the Palestinian population and its land. Therefore, the current study stresses the necessity of preparing a comprehensive strategy or plan to achieve sustainable development of the Palestinian lands in order to face dangers posed by the Israeli settlement expansion. It also encourages horizontal urban expansion of Palestinians instead of vertical urban expansion in order to confront Israeli expropriation and confiscation of Palestinian land.