An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)




This research entitled with "The call of (Yā Abati) in the Holy Qur'an _ An analytical Study", and the idea of the research is to study the places of the call (Yā Abati) in the Holy Qur'an with an analytical study, and its importance appears in reaching new rules and contents through the study of these places, following the inductive analytical approach, and the research consists of: a Preface, five sections, and a conclusion. The Preface includes the introduction to the call of (Yā Abati), and then I deal with the study of the call of (Yā Abati) in āyāt suwar: "Yūsuf", "Maryam", "Al-qaṣaṣ", and "Alṣāfāt". The goal of this research appears in its most important results, which are that all the places of the call (Yā Abati) in the Holy Qur'an were mentioned only in the Meccan surahs, and in the Qur'anic stories exclusively, and that the good manners in the father's speech is noticed in all cases, even when the belief differs and the assignment of hardships, and the importance of spreading the principle of dialogue and the culture of counseling between parents and their children. It also appears in his most prominent recommendations, which are to urge the study of each of the Qur'anic methods independently, and to pay attention to innovation in the presentation of Qur'anic studies.